मिल्क पाउडर से बनाएं गुलाबजामुन || Instant Milk Powder Gulabjamun Recipe

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मिल्क पाउडर से बनाएं गुलाबजामुन || Instant Milk Powder Gulabjamun Recipe

INGREDIENTS FOR GULAB JAMUN: * 1 CUP GHEE * 1 CUP SUGAR * 2 TBSP MAIDA/REFINED FLOUR * 1 PINCH BAKING SODA * SOME CHOPPED PISTACHIOS * 4-5 ILAICHI(POWDER) * 1 GLASS WATER * 1/4th CUP MILK METHOD * First make Khoya for Gulab Jamun. FOR KHOYA WE NEED: INGREDIENTS: 1 cup milk powder 1/2 cup milk 2 tbsp clarified butter/unsalted butter METHOD: * Now switch on the gas and heat a pan . Add 1/2 cup of milk and allow it to boil. Keep your flame high otherwise milk will spit. * After milk starts boiling ,Add 2 tbsp ghee /unsalted butter and mix it well * Add 1 cup milk powder in it . Mix milk powder in small quantity to avoid lumps.Mix the mixture well .Make sure it has no lumps.It has to be soft and smooth in texture . * Now the mixture is thick .Cook it for another 2 minutes on medium flame. Now after 2 minutes khoya is almost ready. Khoya or Mawa is ready when it will not stick to the pan. * Now Homemade Instant Mawa/Khoya is ready in just 2 minutes.Allow it to cool and transfer in a bowl.It is just like milk khoya and very delicious.You can make any desserts or sweet dish with this khoya instantly. FOR GULABJAMUN:- * Take a mixing bowl . Add Instant Khoya . * Add 2 tbsp Maida / Refined Flour * Add 1 pinch Baking Soda * Mix it well and make a smooth dough * Mixture is dry ,Add 1/4th cup of Milk. Make a smooth dough. * When Smooth Dough is ready, Take some mixture,add pista,ilaichi powder and milk and make a smooth paste. This paste is used for stuffing. * Apply ghee on hands and take small mixture.Make round balls with stuffing fill in the center. * In the same way make all the gulabjamun balls. * All the Gulabjamun balls are ready. Fry them. * Take a pan and Add 1 cup of Ghee/Oil to fry Gulabjamuns * Heat the Ghee / Oil * Add Gulabjamun balls .Fry them until it is golden brown. * Gulabjamuns are golden brown take out in the tissue paper * Fry all the Gulabjamun balls in the similar way * All the Gulabjamuns are ready. FOR CHASHNI:- * To prepare Chashni, Add 1 cup Sugar and 1 cup of water * Cook till 1 slang consistency. * Add ilaichi powder. * Chashni is ready ,Add gulabjamuns. * Cook for 2 minutes then switch off the flame. * Leave Gulabjamuns for 30 minutes in Chashni . * Gulabjamuns are ready .Garnish them with pistachios or any dry fruit * Gulabjamuns are super soft and delicious. Do try this recipe and share your feedback

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