Mathura Ke Pede

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Festival season is around the corner and every house is getting ready to celebrate with lots of love, happiness, and most importantly with sweets. And this festival season let's make Mathura ke Pede and enjoy it with our loved ones.


       Ghee- 4 tbsp

       Milk Powder – 2 cups

       Milk – ½ cup milk

       Porous Sugar (Boora) – 1 cup 

       Cardamom Powder


       Heat a nonstick pan, add 2 tbsp ghee, 2 cups of milk powder, and Stir it. Keep stirring it so it doesn’t burn. Add another 2 tbsp of ghee and roast it until golden brown.

       (This is an instant Mathura ke Pede recipe.)

       Then gradually add ½ cup of milk and mix the mixture until it forms a dough. (Add milk according to the requirement to make a dough.)

       Set it aside and let it cool for a while.

       Then, add 1 cup Boora (you can add powdered sugar instead), cardamom powder, and mix it well.

       Mix it well with your hands and make it like dough. Take a small bowl with boora.

       Then make small balls out of them and rolls the balls in the boora. Make Pede out of the rest of the mixture in a similar manner.

       And now, Mathura ke Pede is ready.

You can enjoy the authentic taste of Mathura at your house with these delicious delights.

You can also refrigerate it and have these sweets for up to 1 week.

Check out the full recipe video here:-

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