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Navaratri pooja or just any festival this Sooji ka halwa will be the perfect sweet. It's easy to make but extremely delicious. So, let's learn how to make the halwa.


       Semolina – 100 gm

       Ghee – 3 ½ tbsp

       Sugar – 100 gm

       Cashew- chopped

       Almond – chopped

       Raisins – chopped

       Cardamom powder – ½ tbsp

       Grated Coconut – ½ tbsp


       Take a pan, add 3 tbsp of ghee to it and let it melt. Then add 100 gms of semolina and roast it till golden brown on low heat.

*the ghee helps in enhancing taste and also helps in the roasting of the semolina. Keep stirring the pan in order not to burn it.

       Add chopped cashews, almonds, raisins (you can add your preferred dry fruits) and roast them along with the semolina.

       When the mixture is light golden colour, sprinkle a little water on the mixture and mix it and repeat it. This will help in making the halwa grainy in texture.

       Keep stirring and roast the mixture well until it gets a little browner.

       Once it's roasted well, add 100 gm sugar to the mixture.

*The quantity of sugar must be the same as the quantity of the Semolina.

       Add 2 cups of water to the mixture and keep stirring it on high flame so there are no lumps formed.

*The quantity of water is twice the quantity of Semolina.

       When the mixture thickens slowly, keep the flame on medium heat and keep stirring it until the ghee separates from the mixture and the halwa is not sticking to the pan anymore.

       Then, add ½ tbsp Cardamom powder, ½ tbsp grated coconut, and mix it well on medium flame. Lastly, add ½ tbsp ghee to the halwa and mix it well.

       Sooji ka halwa is ready.

Garnish it with some grated coconut and chopped dry fruits and enjoy this delicious delicacy with friends and family.

Check out the full step by step recipe video here:-

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